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The following books are available from EMC Exhibitions & Training Ltd.  To order please email and we will send you an order form.  Or order & pay by credit card online, see below.

EMC Design Techniques for electronic engineers by Keith Armstrong.  Cost £55 plus p&p.
ISBN 978-0-9555118-4-4

Contents: Introduction;  The Physical basis of EMC;  Circuit design and choice of components for EMC;  Cables and connectors;  Filters and transient suppressors;  Shielding (Screening);  Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs);  Electrostatic discharge (ESD); Electromechanical devices and spark ignition;  Power factor correction (emissions of mains harmonic currents);  Emissions of voltage fluctuations and flicker;  Immunity to power quality issues;  EMC techniques for heatsinks.
The Physical Basis of EMC by Keith Armstrong.  Cost £25 plus p&p.
ISBN 978-0-9555118-3-7
Contents:  Introduction;  Wave and Field theory;  EMC uses three types of analysis;  Waveforms and Spectra;  Coupling of EM energy;  An overview of emissions;  Immunity issues;  Crosstalk and "internal EMC" issues inside a product;  Types of EM phennomena and how they can interfere.
EMC for Printed Circuit Boards by Keith Armstrong.  Cost £47 plus p&p.
ISBN 978-0-9555118-5-1

More than just a book. It is a true learning aid.  Graphics in full colour.  Written in a clear concise no nonsense style.  Destined to become the Standard for EMC PCB Design.

This book is about good-practice EMC design techniques for printed circuit board (PCB) design and layout.  It is intended for the designers of any electronic circuits that are to be constructed on PCBs, and of course, for the PCB designers themselves.  All application areas are covered, from household appliances, commercial and industrial equipment, through automotive to aerospace and military.

EMC for Product Designers by Tim Williams.  Cost £50.99 plus p&p.

This book is almost certainly regarded as the bible on EMC Design across all International borders.
Brilliantly written and extremely informative, it is divided into three parts, Legislation & Standards, Testing and Design plus a number of interesting and useful Appendices.
The First Five Hundred Banana Skins.   Cost £15 plus p&p.
Banana Skin items briefly describe reports of electrical/electromagnetic interference.   These have been compiled by Keith Armstrong on behalf of The EMC Journal and published by Nutwood UK Ltd. 

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